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This page exists so that I can post random notes, ideas, and other pages related to the open source PCB layout editor and other gEDA-related programs.

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Blue Sky Ideas

Plug-Ins for PCB

Compile like this:
gcc -I$HOME/geda/pcb-build/src -I$HOME/geda/pcb-build -O2 -shared plugin.c -o

Other PCB Stuff

Tips and Techniques


Lesstif HID Sample
What is the HID project? HID stands for Human Interface Device. The idea is to split the PCB sources into the "core" which manages the data structures for the board itself, and the "hids", which includes all GUI, printing, and exporting code. This way, the core doesn't need to know anything about the GUI, for example. There are two primary purposes for doing this: first, it allows us to support multiple GUIs in the same source set, and second, it makes developing new core or gui functionality much easier (for example, the core always uses board coordinates, whereas before, board and GUI coordinates were mixed together).


The new PS exporter supports a "bloat" setting where you can compensate for any inaccuracies in the thickness of traces and pads, either because of your printer or your etching process. Positive bloat values make traces and pads slightly thicker, negative values make them slightly thinner. You can download a sample circuit board (looks like this, also gerber and pdf) that has traces of various widths and spacings to help you calibrate your process. Simply print and etch the sample board, and inspect it. The top half has line/space patterns with various bloat settings (-150..150), just find the row that is actually correct (line width same as space width), and use that bloat setting. The bottom half shows different trace widths on various grids so you can judge how well your process handles tiny details. There's also a set of pins for drill sizes 50..80 with 5, 10, 15, and 20 mil annuli.

There's an EPS exporter now, that can be used to create illustrations for documentation, and for converting board layers (manually) to other bitmap formats with ghostview.

The new Postscript exporter emits a single file with multiple pages in it, and supports both fill-page and color options. Samples:


Since we moved to, my local cvs mirror is no longer useful.

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