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DJ Delorie * 334 North Road * Deerfield, NH, 03037 * USA *

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Please note that my legal first name really is "DJ". It is not correct to insert a space between the D and the J, or to put periods after them as if they were initials, or to make either of them lower case. They are not initials, and I have no middle name. Honest.

Many computers will automatically replace DJ with something else, thinking that the operator typed it in wrong. They should be considered broken, and repaired. I usually encounter these in credit card companies and utilities.

I went to Clarkson University from 9/84 to 12/86, got a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, worked for Data General for four years designing PC motherboards and BIOS code, worked for Cabletron Systems for eight years writing CASE tools and online information systems, and currently work for Red Hat Inc on GLIBC.

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