The Delorie Counter

No, it doesn't count Delorie's!   :-)

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The Delorie Counter is a standard web access counter, but it's specifically designed for ISPs and other cases where the author doesn't have access to the server's CGI directory.

Using It
Using the Delorie Counter involves setting up a control file in your web data area, and then referencing this control file in a document to increment and display the counter. Each control file defines the characteristics of one or more counters.

Available Graphics
You can browse the character set index either in either raw, image-less mode, which presents a (long) directory list of the available character set fonts by name, at which point you can select among them for viewing; or you can preview the graphics in bunches, which shows you a list of image collections arranged in groups of fonts whose names start with the same letter. Similarly, there is a set of image borders which you can also view in image-less mode, or in bunches.

Making Custom Graphics
If you can't find the character set or border you want, you can make your own! There are instructions for making a custom character set and making a custom border. For the technically curious, there is technical information about the character set format.

Countering `Counter Terrorism'
Things that this counter does to ensure reliable counts.

Installing and Maintaining - info for server administrators
ISPs are allowed (in some cases, encouraged) to download and install this counter on their own machines. This is the only way your users can use it, since it refuses to run across the Internet.

The Delorie Counter is Copyright © 1996 DJ Delorie

This project was sponsored by MV Communications.